A gamers paradise.

You want to bring your team to the next level or just spend a weekend with friends in Berlin?

The Grindhouse in Berlin is one of the most modern bootcamps in Germany and offers the perfect environment for you and your team. State-of-the-art setup, downtown location and fiber optic internet are just three of many arguments for staying with us.

Pictures & Equipment

State-of-the-art peripherals

We work with the best and most common headsets, keyboards and mice in the pro scene.



We focus on height adjustable desks and ergonomic gaming chairs for the best comfort.


OMEN Gaming Pcs

Each seat has an OMEN 25L gaming PC and thus the latest technology for any kind of game.


Prices and availabilities

Prices start from 84 € / night per person and vary depending on the period and number of people.

Address & Contact


A Gamers Paradise.